Standard or special coatings – LASEROPTIK is at your service for any individual need. Whether dispersive coatings or coatings on special sub­strates or for special applications. Contact us.

Standard coatings

Standard coatings

for the most common laser types, sorted by the following wavelength ranges:

•  VUV / Excimer 120-179 nm
•  UV Excimer 180-379 nm
•  VIS 380-779 nm
•  NIR 780-1029 nm
•  NIR 1030-1064 nm
•  NIR 1030-1064 nm combinations of harmonics
can be adapted to other wavelengths
•  NIR 1065-2500 nm
•  MIR > 2500 nm


Special coatings

Special coating types

Find general information about the following coating types, including examples for standard wavelengths:

•  Polarizer
•  Variables
•  Metal coatings
•  OPO coatings
•  Multiline coatings
•  Dispersive coatings


Different kinds of GDD-optimized coatings

Coatings on special substrates

LASEROPTIK has long-term experience in coating on almost every type of substrate and offers optimized coating designs and techniques, substrate handling and coating fixtures especially for:

•  Crystals, wafers and metals
•  3D-optics
•  Fibres, glass cells and UHV windows
•  Large optics


Coatings for special applications

Coatings for special applications

Special applications need special coating designs and/or techniques. LASEROPTIK can offer optimized solutions for the following topics:

•  Extremely low loss laser optics
•  Spaceborne/airborne optics
•  Harsh environments
•  Optimizing flatness
•  Structured coatings