Fibres, glass cells and UHV windows


Naked or fully confectioned fibers can be coated in holders that are individually manufactured in the workshop in-house. In a rather “cold” pro­cess like Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) or Mag­ne­­tron Sputtering (MS) the coating of fibers is done, e.g. to achieve the evidently lowest reflectivities for AR.

For MS some meters of fibers can be hidden in the spaciouse drum or elsewhere behind the exposed surface. Even lower temperatures can be realised with IBS. Adapted fixturing is available for a wide range of fiber optics.

Glass cells

Glass cells / cuvettes have to be coated on up to five sides. They require specially designed substrate holders and optimized coatings.

With the experiences of almost 40 years, LASER­OPTIK developed a technique to achieve a maximum clear aperture and reliable fixtures.

Standard UHV windows

Standard UHV windows: CF40, CF63, CF100