Extremely low loss laser optics

For any application which requires coated optics with extremely low losses LASEROPTIK manufactures mirrors with R > 99.998 % and total losses < 10 ppm. These so-called supermirrors are used in ring laser gyroscope assemblies or certain scientific and commercial applications.

LASEROPTIK uses modified IBS machines that are capable to produce low absorption and low scatter
coatings on superpolished substrates. The cleanliness of these machines and environment is maintained in dedicated superclean rooms, where also the extensive substrate pre- and after­-treatment takes place.

Measurement devices such as white light profilometers and high resolution microscopes for the inspection procedures are in place. A custom built cavity ring-down setup allows to determine the reflection with a precision of up to four decimal places and to refer back to the losses.

The use of superpolished substrates with a surface roughness RMS < 0.1 nm is essential for the values
mentioned above. Their quality is inspected with a white light profilometer to assure best performance of the finished mirror.


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Optics for low loss coatings
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