Configure and buy your laser optics online! 

LOOP is the name of our LASEROPTIK Online Portal. LOOP gives you online access to a selection of more than 1,200 coatings and 390 standard substrates out of our data base stock with 26,000 different coating designs and 12,000 own substrates.

The benefits of LOOP

  Configurator & shop
  Find coatings (B-articles) and substrates (S-articles).
  Configure your own optics.
  Send your request online.
  Order stock components online.

1) Choose
your coatings
  2) Select substrate or
specify your own one


Create your own optic
or find stock components
Choose coating


Select substrate


 Complete configuration






Find your coating type in the glossary and/or search directly by wavelength. Every coating is specified by a computed curve and tolerances.  If available, ready coated stock components are listed below the coating runs.

If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, take the best matching article and specify your additional needs. We will offer you an optimized coating or substrate.

www.laseroptik.de/loop - the best address to configure and buy high power laser optics and coatings!Screenshot of a LOOP view