LASEROPTIK was founded by Dr. Johannes Ebert, with involvement of his wife Angelika and today's senior coating manager Werner Moorhoff.

In the 12 preceding years Dr. Ebert had gai­ned experience in the manufacturing and characterisation of thin films at the Institute of Quan­tum Optics at the University of Hanover.

He became a pioneer in the development of plasma- and ion-guns, for the reduction of absorption- and scatter-losses and for the improvement of the damage resistance of high power coatings.

Dr. Johannes Ebert

Dr. Johannes Ebert († 31.07.2019), working on a coating machine in the early 1970s

As spin-off of the ”Institute of Quantum Optics“ the ”Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH)“ is foun­ded in close vicinity (only 10 km) to LASER­OPTIK's site: The beginning of a constructive and fruitful cooperation.


LASEROPTIK runs 3 Balzers coating machines, two of them in Dr. Ebert's modified basement at home.

”Paula“, the first coating machine

”Paula“, the first coating machine

A new company building is erected and furni­shed with 7 additional Balzers coating machi­nes over the following years.

The ”Optics Barn“ (”Optikscheune“) is con­struc­ted in the style of a Lower Saxony half-timbered house and is equip­ped with the latest cleanroom techno­logy.

The ”Optics Barn“

The ”Optics Barn“, the first company building

LASEROPTIK starts a two year R&D effort with DSI Inc., USA.

In close collaboration with the american engineering experts, Martin Ebert, the founder's elder son, develops a unique magnetron sputtering system and establishes this technology at LASEROPTIK.

”Gabrielle“, the unique  MS-system developed by  LASEROPTIK

”Gabrielle“, the unique MS-system developed by LASEROPTIK

Under the leadership of Dr. Ebert's sons Martin and Wolfgang a new company building – the ”Laserhof“ – is erected.

It provides additio­nal space for a number of coating machines in three cleanrooms.

The ”Laserhof“ was erected in 2002

”We need more space!“  The ”Laserhof“ was erected in 2002 including 1000 m2 cleanroom production.

LASEROPTIK EXPRESS – a rapid prototyping and overnight coating service – is running.

More than 100 orders were pro­cessed in the first year.


LASEROPTIK is the first professional coating company outside the USA to offer IBS coatings.

Due to the high demand, the capacity has increased to today’s 18 machines including 4 ones for large optics.

”Kelly“, the first IBS coating machine at LASEROPTIK

”Kelly“, the first IBS coating machine at LASEROPTIK

Dr. Wolfgang Ebert is taking over the general management from his father. Starting work for the company in 1997, he learned the skills of a thin film engineer from scratch.

Since then he has left his own footprints as head of new programs and initiatives like the EXPRESS service, LOOP, the development of IBS, innovative coating concepts and various other strategic and pragmatic advances.

CEO Dr. Wolfgang Ebert

CEO Dr. Wolfgang Ebert

LASEROPTIK proudly describes itself as a high-tech family business. This means besides taking care of the long term growth and continuous reinvestments to give our customers and suppliers a reliable perspective, we take the responsibility for our employees very seriously.

The company runs its own corporate childcare with a kindergarten teacher, for the children of the employees, starting at the age of 1 year.

The working culture at LASEROPTIK is also expressed in company outings and annual family events such as ball rolling (”Bosseln“) across the fields in wintertime, summer parties and excursions.

Playing Bosseln in autumn

“Bosseln” – a cross-country enjoyment in winter and spring­time

The Ebert family erected a nesting place on the grounds of LASEROPTIK in order to support the resettlement of the endangered white stork (lat. ciconia ciconia). The initiative was success­ful, until today 25 young storks grew up.

In the natural habitats on the company's ground a lot of other protected species such as frogs, salamanders, owls and bats can be observed.

To save energy and environmental resources, the waste heat of the coating chambers is used for heating the laboratories and offices.

LASER­OPTIK has a recycling and waste mana­ge­ment in place and is supplied by 100% ecological power from regenerative sources.

Erecting the nesting place on LASEROPTIK´s ground
Stork family in front of the

LOOP is introduced, the LASER­OPTIK Online Portal. It allows to individually configure and buy laser optics online.

The web-based system gives you online access to a selection of more than 1,200 coatings and 390 standard substrates out of our data base stock with 26,000 different coating designs and 12,000 own substrates.

LOOP application screenshot
LOOP logotype

After 12 years it becomes necessary to expand the ”Laserhof“ to meet the strong demand for high power optics.

LASEROPTIK star­ted a second building extension of the ”Laserhof“ with additional 3500 m2 and tailored cleanrooms, e.g. for grand IBS machines.

Today more than 40 coating machines (18 IBS) produce Ø 180,000 coated optics/year on 7,900 m2.

The expanded ”Laserhof“

The expanded ”Laserhof“

LASEROPTIK was awarded the national SME prize ("Deutscher Mittelstands­preis"), for their social ethics and ecological orientation.

LASEROPTIK was privileged to be visited by chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. After a tour through the cleanrooms and around the production facilities she was impressed by the expertise and the worldwide reputation of our specialized products.

The staff at LASEROPTIK´s

A staff of more than 100 employees (laser physicists, engineers, technicians, precision opticians) works on your coating needs at LASEROPTIK.