Zero lenses, cavity lenses

Zero lenses

Zero lenses have a convex and a concave side with the same radius of curvature: r = r1 = –r2. The transmitted beam has the very long focal length:

With additional plano-convex lenses, the transmitted and reflected beam can be focussed to the same point similar to cavity lenses.

r1 = –r2
Ø 12.7 x 6.35 mm

Ø 25 x 6.35 mm

30 mm S-00304  
38 mm S-01083  
50 mm S-00597 S-01088
75 mm S-00598 S-01089
100 mm S-00599 S-01090
150 mm S-00337 S-00497
200 mm S-01084 S-01091
250 mm S-00263 S-01092
300 mm S-00276 S-00493
350 mm S-00262 S-00256
500 mm S-00261 S-00257
750 mm S-00260 S-00259
1.5 m S-01085 S-01093
2 m S-01086 S-01094
5 m S-01087 S-01095

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Cavity lenses

Cavity lenses are positive meniscus lenses, designed for collinear pumping. Back focal length (BFL) is equal to the second radius of curvature:
Cavity lenses are optically designed for 514 nm, but can be used in the range 200-2500 nm without significant differences.


Scheme cavity lenses

Cavity lens                

r2 = BFL
Ø 12.7 x 6.35 mm

18 mm S-01333
25 mm S-01601
38 mm S-01602
50 mm S-01334
75 mm S-01603
100 mm S-01604
150 mm S-01605
200 mm S-01606
250 mm S-01607
350 mm S-01608
500 mm S-01609

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