Overview coating types

Main types

AR : Anti-Reflection Coating

Minimizes surface reflection of substrates for highest transmission, coated on both sides, used as
or, to minimize back side reflection of beam splitters, used as
rear side coating

Subtypes for AR-Coatings see here

Scheme of an AR Coating


HR : High Reflection Coating

for highest reflection, used as
cavity mirror
full reflector
bending mirror
also available as
metallic mirror

Subtypes for HR-Coatings see here

Scheme of a HR Coating


PR : Partial Reflection Coating

for splitting or reducing the incoming light, used as
partial reflector,
output coupler,
beam splitter,
also available as
non polarizing beam splitter

Subtypes for PR-coatings see here

Scheme for Partial Reflections


Filter : HR/PR + AR Coating

Combination of AR and HR or PR coatings for separating wavelengths, used as
long / short wave pass
steep edge filter
band pass / interference filter
notch / negative filter
dichroic filter
harmonic beam separator
or for combining laser beams, used as
beam sampler
combining mirror
pump mirror

Subtypes for Filter see here

Scheme for a Filter Coating
Scheme for a Filter Coating



Separates the polarizations, coated on plates for
thin film polarizer (TFP)
also available for
cube polarizer
broadband polarizer
works also as
polarization sampler

Subtypes of Polarizers see here

For more informations about Polarizer
( Thin Film / Cube / Broadband ) click here

Scheme for Polarizers


Variables : Variable Attenuator / Gradient Coating

for changing the transmission / reflection ratio with the angle, used as
variable attenuator
or with the beam position used as
gradient output coupler
gradient attenuator
gradient pass filter
gradient interference filter

Subtypes for Variables see here

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– Variable Attenuators click here
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Scheme for Variable Coatings