Stock substrates

For a fast delivery LASEROPTIK stocks substrates that can be used in the wavelength range from 120 nm to 50 µm. If you need customized substrates please feel free to send your individual specifications.

A brief characterization of the substrate materials is given in the previous chapter Standard substrates.

All substrates are manufactured at high quality specifications in order to keep critical optical properties as scattering, absorption or beam deviation at a minimum. Besides flatness and roughness, the surface imperfections are another critical parameter.

For each stock substrate material and for the most common wavelengths we list the
Material refractive indices.

Most orders of our customers can be met with FS-UV and FS-IR. For these we offer a large number of different substrate types:

Plane windows
Wedged, large wedges, elliptical

Rectangular, square
Zero lenses, cavity lenses
Cylindrical lenses, prisms
Plane parallels, etalons

In our standard sizes we also can offer
MgF2, CaF2, ZnSe, Sapphire, YAG

For CaF2 four different qualities are available: VUV-grade for 157 nm, UV-grade for 193 nm or 248 nm and VIS-IR quality.

Diverse substrate types