Starting a request

For a quotation we need to know at least the following information:

1. Substrates:

   Material, quantity and size    
   For curved surfaces: radius of curvature and used aperture     
   Supplied by customer or LASEROPTIK?     

2. Coating:

   Wavelengths, angle of incidence and polarization     
­   Surface to be coated (both, plane, curved, wedged side?)     

Helpful information, if available:

3. LIDT:

   Beam radius/ profile     
­   Pulsed: J/cm², repetition-rate and pulse duration     
   cw: kW per cm beam diameter     

If not mentioned otherwise we will offer for

­   Standard laser power     
­   Normal environmental conditions (use in air at room temperature)     

4. Your contact data:

   Name of company     
­   Address     
­   Phone number     
   E-mail address    

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