Crystals, wafers and metals

LASEROPTIK has long-term experiences in coa­­ting on almost every type of substrate. Besides standard glasses and crystals like Fused Silica, CaF2, MgF2, other common types e.g. crown glass or flint glass made by SCHOTT, CORNING, HOYA, NIKON or OHARA, we offer optimized coating designs and techniques, substrate handling and coating fixtures.

We have approved coating processes in place including pre- and after-treatment for a broad variety of laser and non-linear crystals e. g. common materials like BBO, BiBO, COB, CTA, KDP, KGW, KTA, KTP, KYW, LBO, LiNbO3, Ruby, RTA, RTP, Spinell, TGG, YAB, YAG, YAP, YLF, YVO4, Sapphire, diamond and many others. Dedicated rimless fixtures are developed and built in our workshop. Coatings for wafers and similar materials (e. g. Ge, Si, SiC, GaAs) are also available.

LASEROPTIK offers a selection of coatings on me­tals like Fe, Cu, Al. All processes are optimi­zed for best optical performance and highest adhesion.