Production flow

Inquiry and quotation

before ordering    

Customer gets into contact with our experts
by phone, fax, email (-> Contacts) or form (-> Starting a request)
by LOOP (LASEROPTIK Online Portal)

+ choose or calculate design according to custo­mer's needs
+ choose suitable substrates
+ need faster turnaround? -> LASEROPTIK EXPRESS?

→  send quotation including computed curve


Order scheduling

after ordering

Draw up process control quality plan for every order
guides the order to every production step
includes all nessecary information

+ schedule runs on coating machine
+ commission substrates
+ commission substrate holders

send formal order confir­


between ordering and coating

Check availability of
substrates and holders
 coating materials

+ fit machine parameters to coating design
+ check if customer-owned substrates will arrive two weeks before coating date

re-schedule if customer-owned substrates are delayed

Substrates cleaning

immediately before coating

Clean substrates   (-> Cleaning of substrates)
100% inspection under stereo­microscope

+ substrates can be supplied by LASEROPTIK and/or by customer

if customer owned substra­tes have unusual defects, we ask for exceptional approval

Coating process

Different coating techniques are available
(-> Coating technologies)

in-situ measurement of optical and/or physical thickness
 post coating treatment

+ takes up to 1.5 hours for reaching temperature and high vacuum
+ coating time varies from 5 min. (single AR) to over 36 hours (IBS filters)



after coating

Normally witness samples are used for measurements
to avoid damaging of the substrates
samples have similar refractive index and matching  size for the measurement setup

+ standard measurement by spectrometer
+ more measurement tools are available

Final inspection

before shipping

100% inspection under stereo­microscope
special inspections after customer’s specification are possible

+ dust-free packaging in flow-box / cleanroom
+ every optic is marked directly or on its packaging



Working with all standard delivery services
 best on customer's international account number
faster shipment can be ar­ranged at additional costs

+ extra soft wrap for a secure transport
+ including invoice and measured curves

LASEROPTIK is ISO:9001-certified since 1998